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Solid Block Machine Supplier

Solid Block Machine Supplier

The Vibration System is consistency of Frequency Conversional Control Technology and System. The vibration includes two main parts, the Bottom Vibration and the Tamper Head Vibration (top vibration).

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What raw materials are used to produce burn-free bricks at a low cost? How does the cost compare to red bricks?

As long as there are fly ash, industrial slag resources such as slag, coal gangue, sand, stone powder, slag. The more active material can be added without cement, so the production cost is lower than the cost of clay bricks. In addition, in order to vigorously promote new wall materials, the country will use a clay brick to build a house, and a wall reform fund of 8 yuan per square meter will be subsidized to the new wall material factory. Thus, the cost per square meter of wall will be 16 yuan (actually Compared with clay bricks, block-free bricks have an advantage of 0.11 yuan before they are sold.



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What are included in the fully automated production line?

The fully automatic production line includes: batching mixing system, block forming system, lifting plate/kiln car transfer system, palletizing system, full pallet recovery system and production line electrical control system.

How about the quality of the bricks produced?

Generally speaking, the produced bricks, such as hollow bricks, have a pressure resistance of 8-10 MPA and solid bricks of 35-40 MPA. If it is a paving brick, the sidewalk requires anti-pressure at 20MPA, and the place where it is opened requires 30-40MPA, so the quality requirements are very strict.

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