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Hollow Block Making Machine Supplier

Hollow Block Making Machine Supplier

Technical Parameters: ●Standard compression pressure: Hollow block: 10-25 Mpa (as per different material ratio) Interlock & paver: 15-50 Mpa (as per different material ratio) ●Overall Dimension (L×W×H)mm: With Facemix Device: 5,200x2,300x2,960mm Without Facemix Device: 3,200x2,300x2,960mm...

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Technical Parameters:

●Standard compression pressure:

Hollow block: 10-25 Mpa (as per different material ratio) Interlock & paver: 15-50 Mpa (as per different material ratio)

●Overall Dimension (L×W×H)mm:

With Facemix Device: 5,200x2,300x2,960mm Without Facemix Device: 3,200x2,300x2,960mm

●Gross weight: 10 Ton with Facemix Device

(Machine solidity will be increase accordingly)


●Hydraulic is using Integrated Modular Units that are optimized and use original Germany & Italy units. The motors used in hydraulic are ABB motors. This hydraulic system has strong compressing ability, guarantee the moulded products are of high density and intensity;





Shipping & Packaging


Project report from Clients:


One is for Main Machine and Piler


4.4 Hydraulic Station with SIEMENS Hydraulic Motor, Italy Vatos Hydraulic Pump and Valves, Italy Hydraulic Pipes


5. Automatic Pallet Feeder,One machine save two workers for moving the PVC Pallets

6. Piler, two pallets per time, Frequency control

What is the difference between hydraulic vibration and motor vibration?

The price of hydraulic vibration is relatively cheap, but the vibration and noise are large in structure and complicated in wearing parts. (In summer, the temperature is high, and the oil circuit is prone to oil leakage and oil leakage. (Dust penetrates into the oil circuit, hydraulic motor is easily damaged, maintenance cost High) The transfer process is large, the energy is wasted, and the power consumption is large.

Motor vibration energy saving, power saving. Improve the efficiency of energy use. Protect the motor. Frequency modulation, making bricks more compact. Low maintenance costs. Simple structure and easy maintenance

7. Nature Curing-after one night curing , can stack and

packing outside, and curing with nature air and manual water feeding.

8. Blocks

What raw materials are used to produce burn-free bricks at a low cost? 

How does the cost compare to red bricks?

As long as there are fly ash, industrial slag resources such as slag, coal gangue, sand, stone powder, slag. The more active material can be added without cement, so the production cost is lower than the cost of clay bricks. In addition, in order to vigorously promote new wall materials, the country will use a clay brick to build a house, and a wall reform fund of 8 yuan per square meter will be subsidized to the new wall material factory. Thus, the cost per square meter of wall will be 16 yuan (actually Compared with clay bricks, block-free bricks have an advantage of 0.11 yuan before they are sold.

9. PVC Pallets

10. Technician with customer workers


Company Profile:

Fonded in 1979, QGM is the leading block machine manufacturer and has the longest history of block making machine manufacturing in China.

Start from 2012, QGM has set up offices around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Zambia, South Africa, Dubai. With the growing sales, more new overseas offices will be set up to better serve our clients all over the world.

In 2013, with the appliance of the most advanced frequency conversion technology from QGM R&D Center, new model ZN1000C and

ZN1500C were launched. ZN series block machine are well known for its high production capacity and stable performance.

In 2014, QGM fully acquired Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Benefiting from the close collaboration between Germany Zenith technology and QGM China Manufacturing center, QGM Group is able to provide a wide range products to global users, from simple automatic production line to fully automatic production line, from stationary automatic production line to mobile automatic production line.

In 2016, QGM fully acquired Zenith Formen Produktions Gmbh in Frestriz, Austria.

In 2017, QGM Group and Sommer Anlagentechnik GmbH reached a strategic partnership on world-wide leading automatic and intelligent pre-cast production technology.

Benefiting from the close collaboration of Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Zenith Formen Produktions GmbH, Germany Sommer pre-cast

technology and QGM China manufacturing center, QGM group is an internationally well-known manufacturer of high-end system and machines

for concrete industry, turning into a wider range product supplier

welcome to visit us

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