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Bricks Machine

Bricks Machine

Technical parameters: Feature: Gravel Weighing Indicator is connected with the Weighing Sensor on Batcher Cement Weighing Indicator is connected with the Weighing Sensor on Mixer Advantage Application: Shipping & Packaging: Project report from Clients: 1.Batcher Weighting sensor for...

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Technical parameters:



Gravel Weighing Indicator is connected with the Weighing Sensor on Batcher


Cement Weighing Indicator is connected with the Weighing Sensor on Mixer






Shipping & Packaging:

Project report from Clients:

Can the brick-free machine produce a special shape brick?

If the customer has a special shape of brick type, the computer design will be carried out according to the brick size provided by the customer, and the mechanical analysis will be carried out to see if the required brick type meets the production requirements of the mold, and as long as the conditions are met, the customer can produce the required Brick type comes.


Weighting sensor for calculating the exact weight of Material Door opened by pneumatic system

Vibration motor on each bin for good material feeding Good quality Belt for sending material to mixing hopper

What are included in the fully automated production line?

The fully automatic production line includes: batching mixing system, block forming system, lifting plate/kiln car transfer system, palletizing system, full pallet recovery system and production line electrical control system.

Special Design for double way aggregates transportation, which can support for 2 sets of T10 production line


2. Special Design Screening Mesh for screening big stone, reduce the risk for big stone come inside, protecting the mould from damage.

Made by customer according the actual requirement for diameter of stone.


3. Twin Shaft Mixer JS750

Twin shaft style, guarantees better uniform mixing, with cement weighing and water weighing system

Are perforated bricks and hollow bricks a brick?

Porous brick refers to porous brick made of clay, shale and fly ash as main raw materials, which are formed and fired. The porosity is not less than 15%~30%, and the hole type is round or non-round, the size of the hole Small, large quantities of load-bearing sintered perforated bricks with rectangular or circular holes are by no means equivalent to having holes in the bricks. Mainly used for load-bearing walls

Hollow brick is the main wall material commonly used in the construction industry. Due to its light weight and low consumption of raw materials, it has become the first recommended product of the national construction department. Similar to red bricks, the common manufacturing materials for hollow bricks are clay and cinder ash, and the general specification is 390 × 190 × 190 mm.

4.   Cement Silo and Italy SICOMA Screw Conveyor, and Water Tank


5.  Concrete Belt Conveyor


6.  T10 Main Machine


6.1 Vibration Table-Germany Design with Dynamic table and Static table


Which type of palletizing is used in the ZN900's palletizer?

Cantilever palletizer

6.2 Surface clean by brush


6.3 Control System Inside of Control Room with Air Conditioner


Company Profile:

In 2014, QGM fully acquired Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Benefiting from the close collaboration between Germany Zenith technology and QGM China Manufacturing center, QGM Group is able to provide a wide range products to global users, from simple automatic production line to fully automatic production line, from stationary automatic production line to mobile automatic production line.

In 2016, QGM fully acquired Zenith Formen Produktions Gmbh in Frestriz, Austria.

In 2017, QGM Group and Sommer Anlagentechnik GmbH reached a strategic partnership on world-wide leading automatic and intelligent pre-cast production technology.

Benefiting from the close collaboration of Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Zenith Formen Produktions GmbH, Germany Sommer pre-cast technology and QGM China manufacturing center, QGM group is an internationally well-known manufacturer of high-end system and machines for concrete industry, turning into a wider range product supplier

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